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Nova Cumaru Decking has beautiful and exotic grain characteristics with colors ranging from honey brown to reddish brown. Also known as Brazilian Teak and Brazilian Chestnut, Cumaru is a highly dense, durable and versatile hardwood. Used both as hardwood exterior decking and exterior siding, Nova’s Cumaru Hardwood Decking is the right choice to add premium long-lasting beauty to any property. Nova Cumaru Decking is available in decking sizes 1x4, 1x6 and 5/4x6. Other sizes may be available by special order.

Advantages of Cumaru wood decking

The first benefit of having cumaru is the price. Even though it’s an exotic wood, Cumaru is still more affordable than other hardwood. The timber also scores high enough on the Janka scale.

When you have a Cumaru decking, you should notice its gorgeous reddish hue. This is because red Cumaru is the one people use the most for an outdoor deck.

You can expect to find multiple hardwood qualities in a Cumaru floor. It has good thermal insulation, is moisture and rot-resistant, and is durable.

Cumaru wood is a durable and rot-resistant option for building decks. It is known for its resistance to termites, dry wood borers, mildew, and mold.

Additionally, it has a “Class A” fire rating and a lifespan of over 50 years.

It is also easy to maintain and has an aesthetically appealing finish. Furthermore, it is naturally strong, doesn’t need chemical treatment, and is 100% biodegradable, making it eco-friendly.

It also has a moderate price point making it a great alternative to other woods such as Ipe.

Disadvantages of Cumaru wood decking

However, cumaru is notorious for shrinking and is less durable than other hardwoods. It also has a coarse grain that makes it vulnerable to chipping.

Cumaru is also famous as Brazilian teak, and some suppliers even name this wood teak. So you need to double-check with your supplier to know if you’re purchasing the American teak or a Cumaru.

Cumaru wood can be challenging for decking due to its density, interlocked grain, and high oil content. These factors can make installation difficult and may require specialized hardware or pre-drilling.

Additionally, the silica in the wood can dull cutting tools, and the wood itself is heavy, stiff, and hard to work with, making the process labor-intensive.


How to maintain a Cumaru deck?

Cumaru hardwood comes in two colors, red and yellow. As it ages, it develops a pleasant and consistent appearance.

This wood type is low-maintenance because it doesn’t absorb much moisture. It’s also incredibly durable, with a 25-35 years lifespan, as it belongs to durability class 1.

You can clean your cumaru floor with only three tools. Those are water, soap, and a stiff brush. You can sweep the floor or use a mop or a garden hose to clean the deck.

Contrary to popular belief, you should avoid cleaning your cumaru floor with a pressure washer. The pressure can be too much and gives sandblasting to the timber. As you know, cumaru has coarser grains than other hardwoods, so they chip easily.

Any commercial cleaner and brightener work on your deck. You can use them to clean the paint and other coatings when you do regular maintenance or rework the deck.

However, it would help if you heeded the supplier’s guide to cleaning your wooden deck. Make sure that you follow the instructions to avoid ruining your deck.

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